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Our Vision

Through Christian principles, biblical knowledge and community services, Divine Promise Ministries will work hard to effect positive life change. Divine Promise Ministries will endeavor constantly to become a known community resource where every person can grow and develop in their Christian belief while
learning to live more productive lives. Divine Promise Ministries will be known as a place where Christian believers can freely exercise their faith through the expression of their divine gifting, while offering others the opportunity to choose to do the same.

"The Perfect Church"
Divine Promise Ministries

Our Mission

Divine Promise Ministries (DPM) strives to make a connection between Jesus Christ and the
members of the local community by endeavoring to influence every individual through the preaching and teaching of The Holy Bible. As a result of continual research, education and faith
in God DPM is committed to identifying life’s common obstacles in order to provide reliable spiritual information and resources that will provide evidence of Gods promise to all believers.

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